SMART's AI & Automation Research Initiative

SMART’s AI & Automation Research Initiative

Can I believe it? SMART’s big reveal was a new plan to push forth better artificial intelligence (AI), showcased in SMART’s AI & Automation Research, aiming to automate processes and prepare for the future of work, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and forward-thinking strategies. …

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Pioneering Tomorrow: Kendall Square's Journey

Pioneering Tomorrow: Kendall Square’s Journey

In the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kendall Square’s journey unfolds. From its inception as innovation’s cradle to today’s transformation, delve into the evolution, where echoes of the past meet cutting-edge advancements, notably in thinking machines (AI). …

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Cracking the Transistor Code

Cracking the Transistor Code: Illustrated Insights

Industries transformed by AI witness profound shifts. Within this evolution lies the enigma of transistors. ‘Cracking the Transistor Code’ delves into their metamorphosis over time, revealing insights through three revealing graphs, illuminating their pivotal yet often overlooked role in electronics. …

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Practicality of Wireless Charging Unleashed

Unlocking the Potential: Exploring the Practicality of Wireless Charging

Power gets by our toys without any wires ever more like magic, almost. Because of this way to zap energy, tools don’t need wires to be there we just set them down. Exploring the practicality of wireless charging adds a new twist to big ideas …

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