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Whats Hot in Stadium Security?- 5 Things You Need to Know!


Stadiums are a major focal point of any city and attract millions of visitors every year. As such, stadium and fans security cannot be taken lightly, especially as these security threats can come in many forms could cause a major catastrophe that can result in the loss of many lives and millions in property damages. In order to ensure the safety of the spectators and enhanced spectator experience, the security of the stadium is a vital element.

Component of Stadium Security System– Hardware, software, and services.

Hardware– Access control systems and videos surveillance systems
Software- On-premise and cloud software
Services- Installation and maintenance

  • How fans safety got a boost from advanced technologies implemented in Stadiums

In 2019, advanced technologies play a vital role in keeping the game venue safe. Sports organizations and governments depend on tools that are helpful to maintain order and law, keeps harmfull things ou of stadiums and oversee the illegal activities within their walls. The major technologies used by organizations for stadium security are intelligent camera system and data analytics for location monitoring, facial recognition to find potential problems and access control systems to manage peoples present in the stadium.

  • Video Surveillance Gets Intelligent to Bird’s Eye on Crowds

The security teams of the stadiums must be able to see into every section of the location. Smart video surveillance systems give the capability to monitor every corner of the stadium as well as help to analyze what is going on those places.

Access Control and Facial Recognition for Increase Safty

Many stadiums are incorporating smart access control system as major security program. By connecting with other security systems such as video surveillance systems, security operators can improve their overall security.

5 Pillars of Large-Scale Venue Security Design

  • Personnel Security: Staffing, chain-of-command, manpower, and supervision
  • Systems Technology: Facial Recognition, alarms, access control, cameras, monitoring, X-ray screening, and metal detectors
  • Physical Security: barriers, locks, fencing, gates, windows, and hardware
  • Processes: Security policies, player protection, operational protocols, access control, transportation, crowd control, and guest management
  • Emergency Preparedness: Incident response, emergency management, lockdown, shelter, evacuation, and relocation


The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is being applied to the stadiums wherein the fans and the viewers can connect their smartphones with the stadium network to receive important information. At the same time, the event may attract unwanted attention from anti-social outfits. Hence the cybersecurity is the main challenge in front of policymakers.

“At the end of the play, the goal is simple: Safety and Security”

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