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Robots in The Smart Cities: How Smart Robots and AI will Transform the World!


Today, Smart cities, specifically, are expanding in size and scope offering ascend to a complex urban space where things, information, and peoples collaborate always. The fast life and expanded utilization in urban areas require something that can make the truly necessary adjust. The robots are accepted to bring that adjust and move past in the urban space.

“Robots for Better Change”

In Smart cities, labor-intensive domains are facing challenges of rising labor cost and lack of a skilled workforce. This has pushed authorities to adopt robotic technology to automate operations. Soon there will be robots that can read monstrous measures of composed data and all the while help experts, for example, specialists, legal counselors landing at more educated choices.

“Opportunities and Benefits”

  • Supporting the growth and creating jobs
  • Driving efficiency
  • Raising the productive capacity of the economy
  • Boosting international competitiveness

Applications of Robots in The Smart Cities

Transport: Self-driving vehicles to help portability on request, information and examination to address transport difficulties, and the constant request is driven clever frameworks that enhance arrive utilize and lessen dependence on labor

Healthcare: Assistive innovation, investigation, and mechanical technology for enhanced offices and care

Cashless Society: Contactless installment cards and admission installment for open transport, computerized wallets, and wearable innovations

Environment Monitoring: Mobile applications to report issues and access to continuous information to see how natural conditions associated with the designs of towns and houses.

Top 3 Smart Cities Working on Robots for Real-World Applications

By understanding the role of robots in smart cities, there are top three smart cities in the world namely, Tokyo, Dubai, and Singapore is working on the robots for real-world applications.

Conclusion: Today, there are few technical issues for real-world applications such as low battery life but with research and developments, more robust robots will be developed for smart cities.

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