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Li-Fi to Replace Wi-Fi? Sounds Like Sci-Fi


“The Goal: Every light bulb in the world act as a LiFi device!”

If you are wondering about the term Li-Fi itself, as you may hear it the first time, the term Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a wireless optical networking technology that uses LEDs for data transmission which is 100 times faster than traditional WiFi. At speeds like this, albums, high-definition films, and even video games could be downloaded in a matter of nanoseconds.

The speed is down to the way in which Li-Fi technology transmits data by using Visible Light Communication (VLC) sent between networks by LED lights that flicker incredibly fast.

“Li-Fi is just a free space transmission.”

Where it will be getting used?: To Increase Robustness in Mobile Payments, In Street Lights to Provide high-speed Data Everywhere, For Providing Data Services inside an Aircraft Cabin, In Traffic Signals to Reduce Accidents

However, the biggest challenge is that Li-Fi requires a straight line of light for it to transmit data. Moreover, how optimally Li-Fi will transfer data back to the transmitter is yet another cause of concern. Well, rather than Wi-fi routers, the invented setup of Li-fi technology would need to include antennas in multiple locations, so that when a user moves out of the line of sight another could take over.

For investment in Li-Fi technology, all you need to figure out is which technology giants are investing money in this technology. Some of the leading companies invested in the Li-Fi industry are Philips, LVX, PureLifi, GE, Oledcomm, and others.

“In the future, we will not only have billions of light bulbs, but we may also have billions of LiFi,s deployed worldwide for a cleaner, greener and brighter future.”

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