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Internet of Things in India – The Future of Largest Economy


What is the Internet of Things- Everything You Need to Know!!!

From last few years, a lot has been said about the Internet of Things but still few people are aware of what exactly IoT is and what is the future of IoT in India. Let’s discuss first IoT and it’s major applications in India.

The Internet of Things which also known as IoT is a network of interconnected devices which enables them to send, receive and exchange information without the assistance of a human. The Internet of Things is the next generation technology has the potential to transform the way we living, thinking and performing.

As per surveys, in 2017 nearly 8.4 billions of IoT devices were in use and likely to reach 20.4 billion by the end of 2020 with a 31 percent increase. As the Indian government already started initiatives to increase IoT startups, one thing is much clear that the future of IoT in India is bright.

IoT in India – Applications

There are many sectors which are reshaping the future with the Internet of Things in India. With an increase in connected devices, there are a lot of opportunities in India for IoT in the near future. Here are the major applications of the Internet of Things.

1. Smart Cities
2. Smart Agriculture
3. Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing
4. IoT solutions for Smart Energy and Utilities
5. Intelligent Transportation System
6. Fleet Management
7. Make in India and Digital India Projects

Internet of Things in India- Major Challenges

There are many more opportunities for IoT as well as challenges also. We all know India is a big country with varied desires. that makes a banging range of use cases which may be addressed solely through convergence and complete integration of technology.

Interestingly, India is obtaining a robust impetus towards enhancements of wireless network across geographies. The wide-scale proliferation of data-enabled devices is driving the standards bodies to evolve strong standards around information security.

Future of IoT in India

Due to easy internet availability to people in India, there is desire and awareness to be connected and have smart and intelligent devices. As the Indian government continuously trying to improve the framework that supports the new age of IoT, the Industry for the Internet of Things is expected to grow at an alarming pace in a decade.

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