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Internet of Thing in Supply Chain: Moving with High Speed Connectivity

Internet of Thing in Supply Chain


Today, connectivity is not a big deal for data and systems. Due to the availability of high-speed internet more devices can talk and share information. The internet plays a vital role in connecting smart and intelligent devices such as PCs, Smartphones and software applications.

But the main thing is that there has been a lot written about what is IoT and how it will transform every global industry from healthcare, retail to smart and connected vehicles. According to many Internet of Things (IoT) expert, one of the most exciting revenue generation areas of impact which is far less sexy than connected cars and drones is the supply chain industry.

In 2019, the Internet of things is set to transform the global supply chain industry with revenue opportunities as well as operational efficiency are made easy with this transparency and connectivity. In the next decade, the supply chain isn’t only a way to keep track of your goods but also build your own reliable brand.

Below are a few areas where we will be seeing the most changes with the ever-advancing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • Authentication of Products at any Time

The smart IoT devices can be attached to storage containers or product themselves and will transmit its location which is picked up by GPS satellites. This location is used to track the movements of goods with speed. The traffic flow of products and tracking speed of movements makes much easier to predict how products will move through the supply chain. Manufacturers, suppliers and distribution centers can prepare themselves to receive goods, which reduces handling time and enables the required processing.

  • Monitoring the storage condition of products and raw material

The agriculture goods and chemical products need to be in ideal environmental conditions. Smart IoT devices and intelligent sensors can monitor areas like temperature, humidity, light intensity, and related environmental factors. Due to these IoT devices makes much easier to track the quality of the product and reduce spoilage.

  • Locate Products in Warehouse

The products can remain tagged with IoT devices when they are in distribution channel which makes it easier to find goods in a large warehouse with accurate tracking, identification, and management.

Why IoT Matters to Supply Chain Industry in 2019

In all aspects of the supply chain industry, the Internet of Things devices plays a vital role, such as…

  • Identification of issues with goods getting lost.
  • Real-time shipping and tracking
  • Easy demand and supply planning
  • Better quality of products
  • Efficient storage and distribution of products

Internet of Things (IoT) in the Supply Chain: Challenges

The IoT devices function well if they get a good network as they rely on connectivity. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smart devices will not work effectively in radio frequency interference areas.

The smart and Intelligent devices also rely on being installed, powered and handled properly by trained people as they are easily damaged.

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