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Digital Packaging: Unpacking the Potential of IoT


Digital packaging refers to the use of ICT technologies as a core part of the packaging. This can imply the use of printed elements, sensors and other devices on the packaging that consumers can use to gain access to digital content. Also, digital packaging is being used on a large scale by manufacturing companies in order to identify packages faster and also to maintain delivering efficiency and product safety.

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For instance, food and beverages industry is increasingly making use of RFID to speed up products transportation, processing and delivery while additionally using rapid scanning to ensure that the products being transported are protected and fresh. Also, machine-readable and mobile friendly QR codes used in digital packaging which contains vital information regarding a package that can be used across the distribution chain to ensure safe transportation, products online manuals and warranty registrations.

The emergence of IoT and big data has led to manufacturers incorporating smart sensor into their packaging solutions to broaden the packaging functionality. Smart sensors have the ability to track information regarding temperature, motion, and pressure.

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