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Advanced Packaging Technologies | Smart Packaging, 3D Printing and Robots


Today, it is not enough to merely contain the product for packaging. The expectation of consumers are much more than we think and they are asking that it must be informed, excite, and create an experience. So, how it could be possible. You may curious to know that the future of packaging is here- Yes, almost. Advanced Packaging Technologies have the power to change the face of the packaging industry.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging refers to the use of ICT technologies as a core part of the packaging. This can imply the use of printed elements, sensors and IoT in packaging that consumers can use to gain access to digital content.


Robots are changing the packaging industry, especially in e-commerce. The features of a robotic arm such as sorting, flexibility, and accuracy made them popular among manufacturers and retailers.

Fiber-based Materials

Due to a shift in consumer preference for eco-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective packaging solutions, manufacturers are shifting to plant-based fibers which offer advantages of employing highly automated machines which in turn, substantially reduces labor and packaging costs.

3D Printing

3D printing technology is a game changer technology for packaging industry who have the ability to provide a faster way to test the product before they go into the production line. Another major benefit of 3D printing is that it improves the manufacturing process by enabling the rapid process time of machines involved in the operation.

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