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5G in Smart Manufacturing: Yesterday was Research, Today Billion Dollar Opportunity


In the Industry 4.0 vision, factories will be founded on cyber-physical systems. They will coordinate integrate computing, networking and physical processes to enhance the manners by which producing organizations are run. The whole assembling store network will be interconnected. Data will be shared between various areas about key business perspectives, such as design, manufacturing, and distribution.

5G networks offer manufacturers and telecom operators the chance to build smart factories and truly take advantage of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality for troubleshooting, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

5G networks offer manufacturers and telecom operators the opportunity to assemble smart factories and genuinely exploit innovations, for example, automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for troubleshooting.

Employees and machines should be associated whenever anyplace; a prerequisite that must be met by pervasive wireless networks. The 5G would assume a vital part in-Latency, Speed, Connection density and coverage, Availability and unwavering quality and Security.

This advancement will be founded on broad information sharing and examination. This data spread can just happen if there is a strong wireless telecom framework. Key applications for 5G in smart factories include Constant on-site connectivity, Constant inter-site connectivity, Use of VR/AR technologies, Wide area connectivity.

With 5G, operators can make new revenue streams. Today, manufacturing speaks to a standout amongst the most noteworthy parts for new revenue potential for operators tending to industry digitalization with 5G advances. According to many industry experts, the 5G business potential has a noticeable market in the next few years in smart manufacturing, growing with impressive CAGR.

Challenges Ahead

  • Today, most of the factories are located outside small towns or rural areas. Hence, there are more chances of poor connectivity. This is a big challenge in front of telecom operators as well as factory owners.
  • Security Remains Key Issue: According to a recent survey by EY, 40% of factory owners seeing the risk of cyber attack in this high-speed network. This is another challenge in front of the 5G business model in the manufacturing sector.

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