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5D: Future of Data Storage


Introduction to 5D Data Storage

Five dimensional (5D) data storage is the technology invented by a team of scientists at the University of Southampton, with a view to store data in a disc made up of Nanostructured glass. This data storage disc is expected to store data up to 13.8 Billion years which is an estimated age of the Universe. The 5D disc can be best explained as a result of XYZ dimensions along with time referred to the 4th dimension.

Why We Need 5D Data Storage

The thought behind creating a data storage disc using 5D technology is owing to the present options of data storage devices getting damaged, rotten, or obsolete. Such factors lead to the thought of a rugged compact data storage product and hence, 5D data storage disc is considered as an option.

The Impact of 5D Storage on Big Data

Increased Reliability, Reduced Costs, Fulfillment of Data Storage Needs, Promotes Energy Conservation, Reduction to Storage Limitations.

The expected driver for the 5D data storage is the need for a secure and portable form of data storage product. Within the military and other related industry verticals secured data communication or transfer becomes a problem. Hence, this factor of secured data storage product can drive the future years. Furthermore, big data is expected to allow commercializing of 5D data storage discs to diverse applications as data is increasing exponentially with time.

One of the anticipated opportunities is no mere substitution for ultrafast lasers which will make the product grow across the high technology adopted regions. Additionally, secret military agencies emerging on a huge scale across territories is also expected to be an opportunity for the 5D data storage market.

Final Thoughts: The 5D data storage disc featuring 360TB data capacity, withstanding up to 1000°C temperature is expected to rule the big data market in the near future once leading industry players invest in R&D to come up with more products in the 5D data storage industry.

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